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Support for Local Children and Young People

The Trust offers after school and weekend classes for children and local young people aged from 5 to 19 years, living in RBKC. We also help with access to supplementary schools, community sports, activities and more. Our programmes are designed to be fun, providing opportunities for young people to learn new skills and take part in activities they would not otherwise have the chance to take part in.

In addition to providing activities, the Trust supports supplementary schools and community groups that run facilities for young people. The Trust’s support is for young people from ages 5 to 19, with a variety of programmes to meet the diverse needs of the age groups we cater for.

Community sports in your area

Westway’s community sports programmes take place at Westway Sports Centre and at Portobello Green Fitness Club. Click here Sport & Fitness, Westway Sports Centre, Portobello Green Fitness Club to visit the website and find out more.

Supplementary schools

Click here for information on the Supplementary Schools


Children at a supplementary school