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The Trust acknowledges the role that sport and fitness can play in improving quality of life, increasing individual confidence and building stronger communities. As a result we have a Community Sports Team which, in partnership with other agencies, organises programmes at different venues around the Borough. Programmes vary to accommodate demand with a focus on key target groups including:

Sports and Fitness with Schools

In response to national and local concerns about children being inactive and having a poor diet, the Community Sports Team works in partnership with the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea Schools Sports Partnership to increase the physical activity opportunities for local children from 5 to 18 years in school time and after school.  Ranging from sports coaching to health and fitness sessions during the day to after school clubs and events, the team’s programme with schools is responsive and creative to meet the needs of schools and their children. The team focuses on encouraging schools to use the Westway Sports Centre and Portobello Green Fitness Club, and during the summer months, assists schools in organising sports days and events at the Westway Sports Centre.

Women and Girls

Only 19% of women and girls take part in sport and fitness activities regularly nationally as opposed to 24% of men. Participation is particularly low amongst certain ethnic minority groups which are well represented in Kensington and Chelsea.

The Community Sport Team works with a range of partners to increase the participation of women and girls in sport. These include local community centres, the Muslim Cultural Heritage Centre, NHS Kensington & Chelsea, Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea Leisure Services, the Schools Sport partnership and Portobello Green Fitness Club. The activities the team organises for women and girls include:

  • Women and girls’ health and fitness days 
  • Exercise classes in community centres and at Portobello Green Fitness Club 
  • Women only gym sessions at the Westway Sports Centre
  • Women’s taster sessions
  • Women only swimming classes
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Youth Offenders 

A member of the Community Sports Team works three days a week with Kensington and Chelsea Youth Offending Team. The emphasis is on providing a fitness and football programme for individuals referred by the Youth Offending staff. Some of the participants will be given the opportunity to work alongside Trust staff as a first step in learning to coach. The fitness work is carried out in a small gym which is owned and managed by the Borough, and the football activities take place at the Westway Sports Centre.

Further Programmes 

Holiday programme and young people that have difficulties at school

8-13 year olds that are obese, fathers and sons and black and ethnic minorities