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Development Sport by Location

Westway offers sport and fitness programmes and activities at Westway Sports Centre, Portobello Green Fitness Club and in partnership with other organisations through community based initiatives. We aim to provide opportunities for residents of all ages in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea to access Trust facilities or other sport and fitness activities.

We also offer a variety of grants for groups and individuals to help with accessing opportunities or to enable an individual’s further development in a sport.

Westway Sports Centre

Westway Sports Centre is situated under the Westway flyover and has been developed over 30 years in stages, the most recent of which was a £10 million expansion in 2001.

Westway Sports Centre is divided into four main sports departments; climbing, tennis, football and Handball Fives. The centre also offers netball, basketball, hockey, Street 20 Cricket, horse riding, Frutina swim centre, as well as an onsite Crushh juice bar, Urban Rock retail shop and a visitors’ car park. A rich and varied programme of events takes place at the centre.

Portobello Green Fitness Club

Portobello Green Fitness Club is a community oriented fitness club with high quality facilities. Alongside its very competitive peak time memberships the Club offers a wide range of off-peak programmes for targeted groups including: over 60s, 13-17 year olds, disabled people, carers, community groups, GP referrals and women.


The off-peak programmes aim to encourage individuals to adopt a healthy lifestyle focusing on improving their fitness, nutrition and exercise regime.


Sports and Fitness Development in Schools

In response to national and local concerns about children being inactive and having a poor diet, the Community Sports Team works in partnership with the Borough’s Schools Sports Partnership to increase the physical activity opportunities for local children from 5 to 18, both during and after school.

Ranging from sports coaching and health and fitness sessions in school time to after school clubs and events, the team’s programme with schools is responsive and creative to meet the needs of the schools and their children. The team focuses on encouraging schools to use the Westway Sports Centre and Portobello Green Fitness Club and during the summer months assists schools in organising sports days and events at the Westway Sports Centre.

Sports and Fitness Development in the Community

The Trust acknowledges the role that sport and fitness can play in improving quality of life, increasing individual confidence and building stronger communities. As a result the community sports team focuses on a number of key target groups including:  

  • Young people who have experienced difficulties at school
  • Youth offenders
  • Women and girls
  • 8-13 year olds who are at risk of being obese
  • People from black and ethnic minority communities
  • Children and young people during school holidays
  • Fathers and sons

These programmes are run at different venues around Borough in partnership with other agencies and vary to accommodate demand.