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Sports Strategy

Sports and Fitness Development

The Trust’s Sport and Fitness Department consists of the Westway Sports Centre, Portobello Green Fitness Club and the Community Sports Team.

Key to the achievement of the Trust’s charitable objectives are the sport and fitness development programmes which are run in the Trust facilities and in the community. These programmes are:

Either specifically targeted at groups and individuals who might not normally take part in physical activity, or may not be attracted to using the Trust’s facilities for a variety of reasons.

Or they are geared to giving young people the chance to improve their skills in a particular sport with the possibility that they might realise their full potential in that sport at whatever level that is.

Westway Development Trust sport and fitness policy statement

Westway Development Trust recognises the benefits that sport and fitness activities can offer to people in the local community. They include:

The opportunity to improve levels of health and fitness

Enhancing social skills and social interaction

Giving the opportunity to take part in sport and fulfil sporting potential

Giving opportunities for fun and enjoyment

Providing employment and training opportunities

Westway Development Trust is committed to providing customer-oriented sports and fitness facilities and services to the local community as one of its charitable objectives. The delivery of this objective is achieved through the Trust’s Sports and Fitness Department which includes the Westway Sports Centre, Portobello Green Fitness Club and Sports Development.

The vision for the trust’s sport and fitness department

To provide welcoming high quality facilities and sports and fitness development activity programmes to a broad range of local people whilst achieving financial self-sufficiency.